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The marriage of the fox's daughter

A PRESIDENT of the Board of Civil Office, named Yin, and a native of Li-ch'êng, when a young man, was very badly off, but was endowed with considerable physical courage. Now in this part of the country there was a large establishment, covering several acres, with an unbroken succession of pavilions and verandahs, and belonging to one of the old county families; but because ghosts and apparitions were frequently seen there, the place had for a long time remained untenanted, and was overgrown with grass and weeds, no one venturing to enter in even in broad daylight. One evening when Yin was carousing with some fellow-students, one of them jokingly said, “If anybody will pass a night in the haunted house, the rest of us will stand him a dinner.” Mr. Yin jumped up at this, and cried out, “What is there difficult in that?” So, taking with him a sleeping-mat, he proceeded thither, escorted by all his companions as far as the door, where they laughed and said, “We will wait here a little

The Buddhist Priest Of Ch‘ang-Ch‘ing

The Buddhist Priest of Ch‘ang-Ch‘ing AT Ch‘ang-ch‘ing there lived a Buddhist priest of exceptional virtue and purity of conduct, who, though over eighty years of age, was still hale and hearty. One day he fell down and could not move; and when the other priests rushed to help him up, they found he was already gone. The old priest was himself unconscious of death, and his soul flew away to the borders of the province of Honan. Now it chanced that the scion of an old family residing in Honan had gone out that very day with some ten or a dozen followers to hunt the hare with falcons; but his horse having run away with him he fell off and was killed. Just at that moment the soul of the priest came by and entered into the body, which thereupon gradually recovered consciousness. The servants crowded round to ask him how he felt, when opening his eyes wide, he cried out, “How did I get here?” They assisted him to rise, and led him into the house, where all his ladies came to see him and inq

Planting a pear tree

PLANTING A PEAR-TREE. A COUNTRYMAN was one day selling his pears in the market. They were unusually sweet and fine flavoured, and the price he asked was high. A Taoist priest in rags and tatters stopped at the barrow and begged one of them. The countryman told him to go away, but as he did not do so he began to curse and swear at him. The priest said, “You have several hundred pears on your barrow; I ask for a single one, the loss of which, Sir, you would not feel. Why then get angry?” The lookers-on told the country-man to give him an inferior one and let him go, but this he obstinately refused to do. Thereupon the beadle of the place, finding the commotion too great, purchased a pear and handed it to the priest. The latter received it with a bow and turning to the crowd said, “We who have left our homes and given up all that is dear to us are at a loss to understand selfish niggardly conduct in others. Now I have some exquisite pears which I shall do myself the honour to put befor

The Taoist Priest of Lao-shan

The Taoist Priest of Lao-shan There lived in our village a Mr. Wang, the seventh son in an old family. This gentleman had a penchant for the Taoist religion; and hearing that at Lao-shan there were plenty of Immortals, shouldered his knapsack and went off for a tour thither. Ascending a peak of the mountain he reached a secluded monastery, where he found a priest sitting on a rush mat, with long hair flowing over his neck, and a pleasant expression on his face. Making a low bow, Wang addressed him thus: "Mysterious indeed is the doctrine: I pray you, Sir, instruct me therein.""Delicately nurtured and wanting in energy as you are," replied the priest, "I fear you could not support the fatigue.""Try me," said Wang.  So when the disciples who were very many in number collected together at dusk, Wang joined them in making obeisance to the priest, and remained with them in the monastery. Very early next morning the priest summoned Wang, an

The Dreaming of Duke Zhou: Hands and Arms

Dream of his own arms and hands long and strong - means a successful career. Dreamed that his hands were cut off - will be able to receive God's help. Dream of their own arms and hands more red than the original - will be lucky in officialdom, or beat your political opponents and win the election. Dream of their own arms and hands weak and yellow - it is ominous omen of sickness or disease. Dream of hands holding the money - will have millions of Guans of savings, that means super rich. Dreamed that a woman's hand has become hard - means that woman is a headstrong, obdurate, and eponymous shrew. Dream to shake hands with strangers - will have to make friends. Dream of cutting their fingers - will be the winner of love. Dream of fingers scalded by steam - feel jealous of someone else. Dream of multi-fingered hands - there will be a noble guest coming. Dreamed that longer fingers - is booming. Dream of fingers shortened - life constraints. Dream of distorted finger - will make

Dreaming of Duke Zhou: Naked Body

"Naked" dream:  Dream of a woman (except for his wife) naked - this is a sign of the rich and happiness.  Dream of naked men - would be very sad and grief.  Dream of a wife or girlfriend's naked body - husband and wife (or couple) the feelings of indifference.  Dream of yourself naked - this is inauspicious, there will be poverty and humiliation.  A patient dreams of his/her self naked - condition to worsen.  Dream of walking on the street naked - will have to suffer heavy losses.  Dream of talking with naked people - health status deteriorating.