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Jun's mother was kind, and good at teaching

 In the bustling capital city, Buyi Jun worked tirelessly as the prefect. His days were filled with the endless tasks of governing, always busy in visiting to the county prison, recording the stories of the prisoners, listening intently to their tales of woe, retrial the cases, and made proper judgements. When he returned home, his mother would always be waiting for him. She was a kind woman, wise and good at teaching. She would ask him about the cases he had overturned and smile happily at his successes. Her joy was infectious and Jun couldn’t help but feel lighter in her presence. But there were times when he had nothing to report. On those days, his mother’s demeanour would change. Her eating and speaking habits would become different and if he had nothing to say, she would become angry and refuse to eat. It was a stark reminder of the weight of his responsibilities. Jun took his mother’s lessons to heart. He was strict but not cruel as an official. He remembered her words and the t