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Uprising of the Slaying of the White Serpent

Liu Bang was born into a peasant family in Pei County. Before Liu Bang's birth, his mother was caught in a rainstorm and took shelter under a bridge. Just then, there was lightning and thunder and the sky darkened. Liu Bang's father went to fetch his wife home and saw a dragon hovering above her. Liu Bang's mother became pregnant and gave birth to Liu Bang. Liu Bang had a high nose, whiskers and a beard, which made him resemble a dragon. He had 72 dark spots on his left leg. The young Liu Bang was outspoken, charismatic and of great forbearance and tolerance. However, Liu Bang enjoyed loafing, disliked reading and showed no interest in farming, hence his father often chided him as a "little rascal". Liu Bang persisted in his idling ways and depended on his brother's family for food and lodging. When he grew older, he was appointed as a patrol officer and forged close relationships with the officials in the county office, earning himself a little reputation

The Little Jackal and the Crocodile

One day, a little jackal went down to the beach nearby to get some crabs for dinner. But when he reached into the water, a crocodile bit his paw. The little jackal didn't cry out although he was scared. He actually said, "Ha! That crocodile thinks he has bit my paw but instead a piece of wood!" The crocodile quickly dropped the little jackal's paw as he thought he was actually holding a piece of wood. Then the jackal raced away, far enough so that the crocodile couldn't get him. "Thank you, crocodile! For that wasn't actually a piece of wood. It was my paw." He laughed, and ran away. The next day, the little jackal was hungry and went over to the beach again to get some more crabs for dinner. This time he stayed away, far away enough so that if the crocodile was there he wouldn't bite him. "Hmm… If there are bubbles in the water, It means there are crabs." He said. Bubbles rose as soon as he said that and then the jackal knew the croc