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I was afraid of Mother's Day since I was a child, Because soon after I was born, I was abandoned by my mother. Every Mother's Day, I feel uneasy, Because around Mother's Day, On TV shows are all songs that sing maternal love, This is especially true on the radio, Even a cookie advertisement also has a Mother ’s Day song. For me, I can't stand every such song. I was abandoned when I was more than a month old, I was found at Hsinchu Railway Station, 👮‍♀The policemen near the station panicked by my loud crying and tried to feed me, These big boys find a woman who can breastfeed, If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid that I would have been starved to death. When I am full of milk and sleep peacefully, These police officers took me to the Delan Center in Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County, 💒Those Catholic nuns who are smiling all day long are scratching their heads. I have never seen my mother, When I was young, I only knew nuns brought me up. Other big brothers and big sisters