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The roadside spectators killed your horse

A man rides a horse on the road. Because the horse ran so fast, passers-by kept applauding and applauding. Horses are proud, and so are the riders. So he hurried on and continued to run wildly on the post road. The faster he ran, the more people applauded. After running for hundreds of miles, the horse suddenly fell over and died after gasping for a while. The man on the horse fell down and was so distressed that he wanted to cry. How can a good horse die? At this time, an old man came over and said, "The one who kills the your horse is standing on the road side."(杀君马者道旁儿) It means that the person who kills your horse is the one who applauds and applauds you on the side of the road. This story comes from Ying Shao's "Fengsu Tongyi"( Comprehensive Meaning of Customs and Mores) in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and was later included in the Song Dynasty book "Taiping Yulan".  Mr. Cai Yuanpei has quoted this allusion twice: once after the May 4th Movement in 19
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I was afraid of Mother's Day since I was a child, Because soon after I was born, I was abandoned by my mother. Every Mother's Day, I feel uneasy, Because around Mother's Day, On TV shows are all songs that sing maternal love, This is especially true on the radio, Even a cookie advertisement also has a Mother ’s Day song. For me, I can't stand every such song. I was abandoned when I was more than a month old, I was found at Hsinchu Railway Station, 👮‍♀The policemen near the station panicked by my loud crying and tried to feed me, These big boys find a woman who can breastfeed, If it weren’t for her, I’m afraid that I would have been starved to death. When I am full of milk and sleep peacefully, These police officers took me to the Delan Center in Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County, 💒Those Catholic nuns who are smiling all day long are scratching their heads. I have never seen my mother, When I was young, I only knew nuns brought me up. Other big brothers and big sisters

Sweet Talkers

The Emperor of Qin took the Inspection tour to Taishan Mountain, at that time, few sweet talkers who travelled with the entourage along with him gave various suggestions, such as magic plants for long life. One of his local guidance said “亡秦者胡也,” which literally means Qin will be destroyed by Ho, so the emperor ordered the general Meng Tian to destroy the northern barbarian Ho with three hundred thousand soldiers,  and built the Great Wall of Qin along the northern border to protect from the Ho. However, it turned out that the empire perished during the reign of the Second Emperor Qin Er-shi, whose name was Ho Hai. The prophecy was thus fulfilled unexpectedly, Ho was the name of the Emperor’s son instead of the barbarian tribe Ho on the north. This reminds me of the Witches’ prophecy in Macbeth, the witches made Macbeth believe that he cannot be killed by any man born of a woman, he soon learnt that Macduff was "from his mother's womb Untimely ripped", meaning that Macd


Miss Li, ennobled with the title "Lady of Ch‘ien-kuo," was once a prostitute in Ch‘ang-an. The devotion of her conduct was so remarkable that I have thought it worth while to record her story. In the T‘ien-pao era there was a certain nobleman, Governor of Ch‘ang-chou and Lord of Jung-yang, whose name and surname I will omit. He was a man of great wealth and highly esteemed by all. He had passed his fiftieth year and had a son who was close on twenty, a boy who in literary talent outstripped all his companions. His father was proud of him and had great hopes of his future. "This," he would say, "is the "thousand-league colt" of our family." When the time came for the lad to compete at the Provincial Examinations, his father gave him fine clothes and a handsome coach with richly caparisoned horses for the journey; and to provide for his expense at the Capital, he gave him a large sum of money, saying, "I am sure that your talent is such that y


During the Chēng-Yüan (A. D. 785-805) period of the T‘ang dynasty there lived a man called Chang. His nature was gentle and refined, and his person of great beauty. But his deeper feelings were resolutely held in restraint, and he would indulge in no license. Sometimes his friends took him to a party and he would try to join their frolics; but when the rest were shouting and scuffling their hardest, Chang only pretended to take his share. For he could never overcome his shyness. So it came about that though already twenty-three, he had not yet enjoyed a woman's beauty. To those who questioned him he answered, "It is not such as Master Tēng-t’u  who are true lovers of beauty; for they are merely profligates. I consider myself a lover of beauty, who happens never to have met with it. And I am of this opinion because I know that, in other things, whatever is beautiful casts its spell upon me; so that I cannot be devoid of feeling." His questioners only laughed. About this

The white lie of a skilled physician

"Suppose, for example, that there is a skilled physician who is wise and understanding and knows how to compound medicines to effectively cure all kinds of diseases. He has many sons, perhaps ten, twenty, or even a hundred. He goes off to some other land far away to see about a certain affair. After he has gone, the children drink some kind of poison that make them distraught with pain and they fall writhing to the ground. "At that time the father returns to his home and finds that his children have drunk poison. Some are completely out of their minds, while others are not. Seeing their father from far off, all are overjoyed and kneel down and entreat him, saying: 'How fine that you have returned safely. We were stupid and by mistake drank some poison. We beg you to cure us and let us live out our lives!' "The father, seeing his children suffering like this, follows various prescriptions. Gathering fine medicinal herbs that meet all the requirements of color,

The eight-year-old daughter of the dragon king Sagara attained Buddhahood

At that timing their was a bodhisattva who was among the followers of Many Treasures World-Honored One from the lower region and whose name was Wisdom Accumulated. He said to Many Treasures Buddha, "Shall I return to our homeland?"Shakyamuni Buddha said to Wisdom Accumulated, “Good man, wait a little while, there is a bodhisattva named Manjushri, whom you may see. Debate and discuss the Wonderful Law with him, and then you may return to your homeland." At that time Manjushri was seated on a thousand-pedaled Lotus blossom big as a carriage wheel, and the bodhisattvas who had come with them were also seated on jeweled Lotus blossoms. Manjushri had emerged in a natural manner from the palace to the break in dragon king Sagara inBuddhahood the great Ocean and was suspended in the air. Proceeding to holy Eagle peak, he descended from the Lotus blossom and, having entered the presence of the Buddhas, bowed his head and paid obeisance to the feet of the two World-Honored One