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The roadside spectators killed your horse

A man rides a horse on the road. Because the horse ran so fast, passers-by kept applauding and applauding. Horses are proud, and so are the riders. So he hurried on and continued to run wildly on the post road. The faster he ran, the more people applauded. After running for hundreds of miles, the horse suddenly fell over and died after gasping for a while. The man on the horse fell down and was so distressed that he wanted to cry. How can a good horse die? At this time, an old man came over and said, "The one who kills the your horse is standing on the road side."(杀君马者道旁儿) It means that the person who kills your horse is the one who applauds and applauds you on the side of the road. This story comes from Ying Shao's "Fengsu Tongyi"( Comprehensive Meaning of Customs and Mores) in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and was later included in the Song Dynasty book "Taiping Yulan".  Mr. Cai Yuanpei has quoted this allusion twice: once after the May 4th Movement in 19