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The eight-year-old daughter of the dragon king Sagara attained Buddhahood

At that timing their was a bodhisattva who was among the followers of Many Treasures World-Honored One from the lower region and whose name was Wisdom Accumulated. He said to Many Treasures Buddha, "Shall I return to our homeland?"Shakyamuni Buddha said to Wisdom Accumulated, “Good man, wait a little while, there is a bodhisattva named Manjushri, whom you may see. Debate and discuss the Wonderful Law with him, and then you may return to your homeland." At that time Manjushri was seated on a thousand-pedaled Lotus blossom big as a carriage wheel, and the bodhisattvas who had come with them were also seated on jeweled Lotus blossoms. Manjushri had emerged in a natural manner from the palace to the break in dragon king Sagara inBuddhahood the great Ocean and was suspended in the air. Proceeding to holy Eagle peak, he descended from the Lotus blossom and, having entered the presence of the Buddhas, bowed his head and paid obeisance to the feet of the two World-Honored One

A priceless jewel sewed in the lining of a man’s robe

Once up a time, a man who went to the house of a close friend and, having become drunk on wine, lay down to sleep. At that time the friend had to go out on official business. He took a priceless jewel, sewed it in the lining of the man’s robe, and left it with him when he went out. The man was asleep drunk and knew nothing about it. When he got up, he set out on a journey to other countries. In order to provide himself with food and clothing he had to search with all his energy and diligence, encountering very great hardship and making do with what little he could come by. "Later, the close friend happened to meet him by chance. The friend said, ‘How absurd, old fellow! Why should you have to do all this for the sake of food and clothing? In the past I wanted to make certain you would be able to live in ease and satisfy the five desires, and so on such-and-such a day and month and year I took a priceless jewel and sewed it in the lining of your robe. It must still be there now.